Does this conference have accessibility features?

We are working hard to make this conference accessible for everyone. We have chosen the local virtual conference platform Unity that is being successfully used for other accessibility conferences in Canada. Materials for the conference are created with accessibility in mind. Live conference sessions will have CART and ESL interpretation available as much as it is possible. Due to technical limitation (e.g. it is not technically possible to arrange CART for two breakout rooms simultaneously), a few sessions may be missing one of these services. Pre-recorded sessions will have English captions. Virtual format of the event presents difficulties in providing bilingual content, especially for recorded sessions. We recognize that the current conference is not a fully bilingual event, and we apologize for that.

How do I watch a session?

Make sure you’re logged in, go to the Agenda page and click on the title of each session you are interested in viewing. Add it to your agenda (if it is not already there) by clicking on the “Register and Add to my Agenda” button. You can then join or watch by clicking the green join presentation button.

When watching the session, how do I keep the video of an ASL Interpreter always on my screen?

Please click the View Options button at the top of your screen (beside the green “You are viewing [webinar host’s] screen” button), and then check off the Side-by-Side Mode in this drop down menu This will change the video layout to Side-by-Side Mode.

Do I have to be registered to watch each session?

You must already be registered in order to watch sessions. You also must add the sessions you want to your agenda.

I’m getting an error message when registering for an on-demand video or a vignette.

Some organizations have blocked YouTube, and in this case you will not be able to watch the YouTube on-demand video or vignette. You can ask your organization’s technical support to unblock it for you, or watch these videos from your home computer.

I am not seeing the green join presentation button.

First, make sure you added the session to your agenda as per the above.  If you have added the session to your agenda, and are still not seeing the green join presentation button, your browser might be cached on your device. You may need to clear your browser’s cache on the join page. To do so:

  • On Windows: ctrl + F5
  • On a Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
  • On Linux: F5

What time zone will the sessions be presented in?

All sessions will be presented in Eastern Time (ET).

What browser should I use to watch the Virtual Conference?

Internet Explorer is not supported.  Get the latest Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, or Safari

Will the sessions be available on-demand after?

Yes, the recordings from the sessions will be available as on-demand presentations in about a week after the conference, till the end of February 2021.

Are the Presentation Slides available to download?

If the speaker provided us with a copy of their slides, they will be available in the session description of that session to download, and also in the Conference Materials page.

Can I add notes while watching?

Yes, go for it! When in a session, click the myNotes tab, type and export them later on.

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