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Conference program

Conference program version November 22: includes links to streaming URLs for captions for Days 1 and 2 of the conference.

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Details and contact information for DWC Working Groups.

DWC Virtual Policy Roundtable 2020

DWC Virtual Policy Roundtable 2020 Executive Summary.

Conference Materials

Day 1 – Wednesday November 25, 2020: The Big Picture–Challenges and Opportunities

Parallel Session 1: Major Initiatives from Selected Provinces

Parallel session 2: Disability Community Experiences in Relation to Work given COVID-19 Pandemic

Parallel session 3: Using the COVID-19 Recovery to Increase Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Panel session 1: Income Security for Persons with a Disability (Part 1)

Panel session 2: Driving Change; Inclusive Hiring During a Pandemic

Day 2 – Thursday November 26, 2020: Progress in the Workplace

Keynote: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Canada Post

Parallel session 2: The Community Journey to Work: Unpacking Indigenous, Newcomer and Mental Illness Experiences

Parallel session 3: Tools for Return to Work with Mental Health Challenges


Parallel session 4: School-to-Work Transitions (Part 1): Promising Practices to Support Transitions into the Labour-Market

Panel session 2: Financial Incentives for Employers to Promote Hiring and Retaining People with Disabilities: When and how do they work?

Panel session 3: Measuring Attitudes – Beyond the Business Case; Unpacking Artificial Intelligence Systems

Day 3 – Tuesday December 1, 2020: Strengthening Supports for Workers

Keynote: Disrupting through Disability: Taking Charge of the Change

Keynote Speaker: Al Etmanski, Writer, Community Organizer, Disability Advocate

  • Al’s latest book is The Power of Disability: 10 Lessons for Surviving, Thriving and Changing the World
  • He blogs at

Parallel session 1: Report from projects funded by Accessibility Standards Canada

Parallel session 2: Mentorship, Advancement and Promotion of Persons with Disabilities

Panel session 1: Strengthening Supports for Employees with Episodic Disabilities

Panel session 2: Lessons and challenges from the Review of the WCB in British Columbia: The New Directions Report 2019

Panel session 3: Bridging the Gap between Workers with Disabilities and Employers who want an Inclusive Workplace but lack the Tools and Knowledge: The Inclusive Employment Advocacy Project

Panel session 4: Closing the Autism Employment Gap in Canada

Day 4 – Wednesday December 2, 2020: Moving Forward Together

Parallel session 3: Gender-Based Analysis Plus in the Context of the Opportunities  Fund Program


On-demand presentations

1) Return to work and workplace accommodation

Abasiama Etuknwa. Development and implementation of a novel return-to-work support package to improve income protection insurance in the UK.

Viki Scott. Managing Physical and Psychological Disabilities in a Unionized Environment. A Workplace Model

2) Disability-confident workplaces

Alexis Buettgen. An Institutional Analysis of Workplace Accommodations in the Ontario Non-profit Sector

Kim Donaldson. The Business Case for Hiring Persons with Disabilities.

Wanda Deschamps. Neurodiverse talent in the workplace.

Sally Lindsay, Mana resai, Winny Shen, Brent Lyon. Disability disclosure simulation as an educational tool. Bloorview Research Institute. 

3) Wellness and career advancement

Karina Prokopchuk. Improving Our Workplace Culture: The Happiness Challenge.

Nancy Gowan. Supporting Stay at Work and Return to Work with TIPS.

Linda Hunt. Overcoming Disability Barriers to Leadership.

Azar Varahra. Direct and Indirect Role of Exercise on Employment for Individuals with Disabilities.

4) Technology and innovation

Alan Cantor. The Art of Remote Dragon Assessments, Training, and Customization.

Alan Cantor. Creative Assistive Technology Solutions.

Doris Rajan. Disability and work. The need for an intersectional and solidarity approach.

5) Supports to persons with disabilities

Stuart Morris. Employment Outcomes for Persons with Early vs Later Disability Onset: Preliminary Findings from the 2017 Canadian Survey on Disability.

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